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Summary Edit

The Claw is a government experiment gone horribly wrong. He is best known as being the most dominant force in the Bridge Fighting Federation. The Claw is the terminator. Nobody survives The Claw Slam.

Bio Edit

The Claw is notable for his iconic mask and for having the word "FREEDOM" written across his chest in crayon, however he is most notable for having one really big arm and one really little arm, also the wounds on his torso never heal and his blood is blue. His deformities stem from his involvement with the US Military, as the lead test subject of Project Crustacean. The Claw debuted in the year of our lord 2016, and quickly became the longest reigning BFF Champion in history (after defeating Ronald Kelley with The Claw Slam, nobody survives The Claw Slam). The Claw is easily the most decorated athlete to ever compete in the BFF, at one point having held every belt at once. He had a brief stint in The Tag Division as a member of "Mountain Claw" and won the gold with the help of his crustacean disciple Carter Fowler. Since the disbandment of the BFF, The Claw has taken to Hollywood and has become some kid's favorite actor probably.