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Summary Edit

Commissar Clean is a performer best known for his work within the Bridge Fighting Federation (There is no life outside of our walls). Designed by a board of advertising agents to sell cleaning products, this once capitalist creation defected to Russia at an early age and soon became a weapon of the Soviet Union

Bio Edit

Late to the game but fast rising; Commissar Clean is sweeping the crowds. His persistent happy demeanor is nothing more than a facade for his sinister intentions. Born to unknown parents in secrecy and bred from childhood under the Soviet Union's watchful eye, he was raised to be an agent of chaos to dismember democracy abroad. However, due to government cutbacks, Clean's genetic enhancement project was given to the lowest bidder. This resulted in one leg filled with botox to lower his center of gravity and increase his leg sweep velocity. He bores great Mother Russia's flag upon his back and a single earring to symbolize a love once lost.